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elephant sanctuary chiang mai

Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai: Elephant`s Heaven

Amazing like the elephant sanctuary chiang mai, if you love animals, you must definitely visit the elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai as it will change all your thoughts about elephants and give you a new perspective on these hardworking creatures. Chiang Mai, one of the largest cities in Thailand, is known by everyone as the “Rose of the North”. This beautiful green city has many attractions, but the most famous place in Chiang Mai is the elephant sanctuary, which is famous for its elephants.

In Thailand, elephants have long been respected, and now they have found the opportunity to gather elephants from all over Thailand to dedicate this park to rescued elephants. In the past, elephants were used to help humans and even in ancient wars, elephants were used for attacks. Now in this park, they have no duty to help, and this sanctuary has been built with the purpose of helping elephants.

elephant sanctuary chiang mai is the largest place for elephants, and you can see the most elephants in this sanctuary, usually bringing the elephants that are harassed and abused here to be supported by this sanctuary.

chiang mia elephant

Facilities of elephant sanctuary chiang mai

Facilities of elephant sanctuary chiang mai

Perhaps the most beautiful feeling that can happen for you in this park is waking up to the sound of elephants. You wake up early in the morning with the sound of elephants and start your day with the voices of these beautiful creatures. Most people who travel to this sanctuary talk about the intelligence and talent of the elephants, and about 71 rescued elephants are kept in this camp.

Elephant training by trainers: In this sanctuary, there are trainers who teach elephants, and you may not believe it, but they teach elephants how to paint, play soccer, and perform various tricks with their trainers’ guidance.

Cleaning: At the Maesa Elephant Camp, they are constantly washing the elephants and cleaning these intelligent creatures in the river, and in addition to cleaning, veterinarians check their health.

Special food: Special food can be found in the sanctuary that you can give to the elephants.

Volunteers: You can also volunteer at this sanctuary and help the elephants in eating, walking, and many other tasks that involve helping these creatures.

trip to elephant sanctuary chiang mai

trip to elephant sanctuary chiang mai

The Maesa Elephant Camp is located in northern Thailand, and to visit this camp, you have to go to the Maesa Valley and witness the presence of rescued and intelligent elephants, dedicating some of your time to these elephants. When it comes to traveling to the elephant sanctuary chiang mai, you need to know some points so that you do not face any problems during your trip and experience the utmost pleasure in visiting this beautiful collection, which we will mention for you below:

Reservation: In most places prepared for travelers and tourists, for the comfort of tourists and animals, a limited number of people are allowed to enter this camp per day, so it is better to book in advance for your convenience.

Rules: When traveling to the Chiang Mai Elephant Camp, it is better to be aware of the rules of this camp so that in addition to observing them, you may need to do some tasks before entering this camp.

Try to learn some behavior when interacting with elephants and wear comfortable clothes for your trip to this camp, as your clothes may get dirty.

About maesa elephant camp

In Asia, especially in Thailand, elephants are held in high regard, and throughout most parts of Thailand, you will see symbols of elephants since Thais consider elephants to be a sign of good luck.

The Maesa Elephant Camp was established with the goal of aiding elephants, primarily for those rescued from their owners or other cases where these magnificent and kind creatures have been subjected to abuse.

This camp was founded by a woman who has dedicated her entire life to the protection and care of elephants. It’s worth mentioning that these elephants are kept at the camp for a certain period of time and, after reaching a certain age, they are released into the wild near the camp. However, they are not completely abandoned; they continue to receive support from the camp.


The elephant sanctuary chiang mai is dedicated to helping elephants and gathers rescued elephants from across Thailand to be cared for in this camp. There are about 71 elephants maintained in the camp, and you can also volunteer to help these elephants or watch the delightful antics of these animals, which most visitors note for their high intelligence.

The price for visiting the Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary is 250 baht. It is better to be informed about the visiting hours of this complex before going and book in advance for the convenience of your trip.

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