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Tokyo Attractions at Night

Tokyo Attractions at Night: A look into the future

Tokyo is an advanced and progressive city with a rich history that is adorned with extraordinary buildings and a variety of colors, creating a special allure at night that you shouldn’t miss. As the capital of Japan, Tokyo attracts millions of tourists annually, and its vibrant nights make it essential to divide your visit to this beautiful city into day and night, as exploring Tokyo at night offers a sense of wonder.

By examining Tokyo Attractions at Night, we embark on a journey to the heart of Tokyo to recommend places to visit at night in Tokyo so that you can have a memorable experience in this vibrant city.

1.Huis ten Bosch winter light show

Huis ten Bosch winter light show

The Kingdom of Lights realm display in the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park is one of the Tokyo Attractions at Night that entices you to visit this place due to its decorations featuring 13 million lights. During the day, you cannot experience the beauty of this place, which is why it is recommended to travel to this location at night.

This place is one of the largest light shows in Japan, depicting the future and offering an extraordinary sensation. Therefore, the Huis Ten Bosch amusement park is one of the recommended places of Tokyo Attractions at Night.

2.Fuji TV building

Fuji TV building

The Fuji TV Building, with its unique architecture, is considered a tourist attraction in its own right, and its construction was completed in 1997. However, never choose to visit the Fuji TV Building at night! Because you will fall in love with this building.

When the sun no longer bothers you and the giant sphere, weighing the equivalent of 1650 pounds, reaches its peak luminosity, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Tokyo at night alongside Mount Fuji by walking beside the Fuji TV Building.

3.Gundam unicorn statue

Gundam unicorn statue

The giant robot sculpture, which is the size of a large building, unconsciously captures your attention and resembles the characters of the Transformers movie that most of us have probably seen. This unique unicorn statue, named Gandam, stands at a height of 5.64 feet.

The Unicorn statue, located in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, performs various shows during the day, transforming into a destroyer, for example, and vice versa. However, at night, with its luminous display, this statue takes on a special charm and can be one of the Tokyo Attractions at Night.

4.Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree

This building serves as a telecommunications and surveillance tower, but due to its attractive architecture and luminous lights installed on it, it has been transformed into one of the tourist attractions in Tokyo. However, similar to the two buildings mentioned before, this structure doesn’t possess the same beauty during the day and it is better to visit this place at night to see its charm.

The Sky Tree, changing colors to blue and purple during the night, provides a mesmerizing display to the city, immersing you in its vibrancy. So, don’t miss out on visiting this Tokyo tourist attraction at night.

5.Ginza District

Ginza District

Ginza district, one of the largest and most important commercial centers in Tokyo also known as Times Square, where you can find the world’s most expensive brands. This area is bustling at night as well, and when all the lights of the shops and billboards come together, it gives a special charm to this area, allowing you to enjoy the attractive and luminous architecture of this area while shopping, strolling, and dining.

A towering structure standing at 634 meters, known as the Skytree, is another Tokyo Attractions at Night. When different sections of the tower light up with various colors at night, it captivates everyone’s attention in the heart of Tokyo like a king. In this tower, you can indulge in luxury shopping, sit in the tower’s cafes with a breathtaking view of Tokyo beneath your feet, and enjoy standing on the terraces to savor your journey, creating lasting memories in your mind.

Ginza district has more than 10 modern shopping centers where you can explore and purchase boutiques, home goods, art galleries, and handicrafts. So, don’t forget to experience shopping at one of the most vibrant tourist attractions in Tokyo at night.

Tokyo Skytree is one of the tallest buildings in the world, with two observation decks at heights of 350 meters and 450 meters. These decks are made of glass, suitable for those who fear heights, but for others, it is a truly amazing experience, accompanied by an adrenaline rush.



Shibuya Crossing, a bustling intersection, is considered one of the tourist attractions in Tokyo at night in its own right. Some famous movies like “Fast and Furious” and “Lost in Translation” have been filmed at this location, with some recognizing this crossing as a symbol of Tokyo.

The vibrant nights of Tokyo, with a mix of centers using various illuminations that enhance the beauty of this area, can be one reason to visit this intersection at night. Next to Shibuya Crossing, there is also a notable place that you may want to see – the Hachiko statue, which depicts a dog that used to come to the train station every day to meet its owner, and where a statue was erected in the place where the dog passed away.


Tokyo is a city that symbolizes the future and transforms into a bustling and vibrant city at night, dividing visits to this city into two parts: day and night. This is because the beauty of some tourist attractions in Tokyo is amplified at night, as the excitement and heat of the night cannot be experienced during the day. Some places also showcase their beauty with the darkening of the sky and the illumination of LEDs with special colors.

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to visit Tokyo Attractions at Night, as they offer a unique experience that shouldn’t be overlooked. Share your experiences in Tokyo with us.

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