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Attractions Near Incheon airport: A pleasant wait

Attractions Near Incheon airport: A pleasant wait

Incheon is a major city located in the northwest of South Korea and serves as the capital of Gyeonggi Province. It is interesting to note that the largest international airport in South Korea is situated in this beautiful major city. (For 9 years, Incheon Airport held the title of the world’s largest airport).

You might find it interesting that Incheon International Airport is so fascinating that it has numerous tourist attractions within its premises. That’s why we are now going to explore the tourist attractions near Incheon Airport.

geographical location and being a coastal city with a very pleasant and beautiful climate, it has become one of the most populous and largest cities in the country.

Incheon International Airport handles over 49 million passengers annually and is currently ranked as the world’s second busiest airport in terms of traffic. Free Wi-Fi is accessible at this airport, and there are hundreds of duty-free shops where you can purchase souvenirs.

Near this airport, there is the Best Western Premier Incheon Airport Hotel, which can provide you with suitable accommodation.

Korean Cultural Museum

Korean Cultural Museum

Museums are one of the places that history enthusiasts like to visit at the beginning of their journey to any destination to familiarize themselves with the culture of that country and gain information about its history. Museums are the best places to get to know the culture and history of a country.

At Incheon International Airport, you can not only learn about Korean history but also get acquainted with Korean music. You can also see traditional Korean costumes that are featured in Korean films.

Walking in the airport gardens

Walking in the airport gardens

For nature lovers, Incheon Airport also offers facilities with numerous interesting gardens providing a tranquil space for tourists. Among these gardens, the Pine Tree Garden in the Millennium Hall stands out with its diverse pine trees.

In the Cactus Garden, as the name suggests, various cacti of different sizes host you. In the Sky Garden, you can enjoy a stunning view of the runway and the overall airport amidst the beautiful nature of Incheon. It is worth mentioning that the airport is close to the beach, allowing you to also enjoy Incheon’s beach.

Incheon airport stores

Walking in the airport gardens

Shopping while traveling to other countries is a necessity as each country has its own unique shops with special products. Incheon is no exception to this rule, and Incheon International Airport has accommodated over 90 shops within itself for tourists and travelers to comfortably make their purchases.

The airport shops in Incheon have a unique feature compared to other shops, as they are duty-free without taxes or duties. There are even shopping guides available for dear travelers and tourists, tailored to each level of the airport.

These shops offer everything imaginable, from ginseng and seaweed to cosmetics and clothing with various brands, allowing you to make purchases according to your preferences and tastes.

Royal parade

Another attraction near Incheon Airport is the Royal Parade, where the Chosun Royal Family parades in traditional attire as a group. There is no need to worry as this parade takes place several times a day. If you spend a few hours exploring the attractions near Incheon Airport, you can witness the Royal Parade. If you are interested, you can even take souvenir photos with them, as they also wear traditional attire.

Ice skating

Ice skating is another attraction near Incheon Airport that invites sports and thrill enthusiasts to experience an exciting activity. The ice skating rink, located on the first floor of Incheon Airport, offers a thrilling experience for visitors.

The rink is open from 10 am to 8 pm, and you will be provided with ice skates, gloves, and a safety helmet to ensure you are fully equipped for ice skating. Enjoy the utmost pleasure in this rink while staying safe and having a great time.


By examining the tourist attractions of Incheon Airport, we have realized that being listed as one of the best airports is not without reason, and Incheon International Airport truly deserves this title. With over 90 shops alongside the recreational facilities provided by this airport, it can be quite appealing. For those seeking tranquility, spaces are provided for them to relax in any garden they desire, allowing them to experience a peaceful and enjoyable journey.

Among the tourist attractions of Incheon Airport, which one was more appealing to you?

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