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Beijing Night Clubs

Beijing Night Clubs: Ready for a Legendary Night?

Are you looking for lively entertainment at night in Beijing? Beijing night clubs can make a memorable night for you and your friends. By going to these places, you can dance and be happy for hours and never know the effect of fatigue on your body. In these clubs, in addition to dancing, you can find all kinds of drinks, which are very useful late at night, because most of the cafes and restaurants are not open until late.

The Best Beijing Night Clubs

Beijing has a large number of nightclubs, each of them has special characteristics, but we introduce those nightclubs that are as perfect as possible in every way and can release the most amount of adrenaline in your body 😉

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V Plus Lounge Night club

V Plus Lounge is an all-in-one night club and bar that can provide every visitor in every way and keep them fresh and lively with plenty of dancing. If you are looking for a lively and exciting place to dance or a place to enjoy music, you must visit this night club in Beijing. This club also has a cozy rooftop bar where you can enjoy the beautiful and perfect view of Beijing at night. Let`s not forget that this night club also has a wonderful food menu that will satisfy any hungry person.

Baby Face Night Club

Another one of the best night clubs in Beijing is Baby Face, because it has professional and talented DJs. It has gained a lot of fame among Beijing night clubs because of its various cocktails and delicious meals. With two dance halls for hip-hop and contemporary music fans, Baby Face Club will satisfy the lovers of both styles well and make a great night for you.

With neon lights and wall mirrors and pinball machines, this club creates a very cool interior and gives you the feeling of a luxurious place. Among the features of this club, we can mention its private rooms for rest, which cannot be easily found in any club.

Mix Night Club

Mix Club is one of the most popular night clubs in Beijing, with its crazy atmosphere, you will not be able to forget your memories in this place. This is one of the best places to spend your time with your friends. The music played in this club includes rap, hip hop and R&B music. Mix has the best DJs in the city and with music, entertainment and food, it will prevent you from going to other places and looking for an open restaurant late at night.

Chocolate Night Club

Next we will discuss among the best night clubs in Beijing is Chocolate Night Club. This beautiful place is a night club and Russian restaurant that attracts many customers due to its baroque style decoration and excellent food. When entering this magnificent club, the first thing that catches your eye is the picture of Napoleon the Great. The staff of this nightclub speak Russian and are very polite. Russian and Chinese dancers perform entertaining and interesting performances at midnight in Beijing.

Cargo Night Club

Cargo Nightclub is a Chinese-style club that should be among your options when choosing the best night club in Beijing. Cargo Nightclub DJs with wonderful music will never let your mood go down and you will enjoy every moment you are there.

Banana Night Club

If you are looking for a very busy place, up-to-date and energetic music, professional dancers and an attractive environment, no night club in Beijing will satisfy you as much as Banana Night Club. Of course, the features of this club are not only limited to these, and those who like more adrenaline can go to the Spicy lounge on the top floor and enjoy the world-famous DJs.

Banana night club is ready to receive its guests during the week from 20:30 to 4:30 and on weekends from 20:30 to 5:30 in the morning.

Vics Night Club

Vics Nightclub is one of the oldest night clubs in Beijing. This club is famous for the delicious meals it offers and is one of the few night clubs that has good food. Vics Nightclub has a large dance floor and a special place for karaoke, which sets this place apart from other clubs. Many tourists and locals come to this club every night and it is because of the clubs unique feeling and great DJs.


In conclusion, If you want to make the best use of your time and create unforgettable experiences in Beijing, you should definitely visit Beijing night clubs to complete your trip. The best memories are made with friends, so remember to take your friends with yourself to maximize your fun in Beijing. Be sure to remember to take pictures of your best moments in Beijing night clubs 🙂

Do you prefer night clubs in Beijing or bars? What experiences do you have in China?

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