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Best Foods in Saudi Arabia

7 Best Foods in Saudi Arabia in Different Tastes

Saudi Arabia is a country that has attracted a lot of tourists in recent years, and if this country is one of your travel destinations, you must definitely try the Best Foods in Saudi Arabia. However, before that, you need to gather information about the foods of this country so that the food you choose can give you an experience close to your local foods!

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Saudi Arabia is among the countries with a wide variety of foods, and you can definitely choose a dish that suits your taste. You should not miss out on popular Saudi Arabian foods, and even try their flavors at least once to experience different tastes.

1.Roz al-Bukhari

Roz al-Bukhari
Roz al-Bukhari

Roz al-Bukhari, also known as Al-Faham, is one of the best Saudi Arabian dishes, with rice and roasted chicken being the main components of this dish. Inside this dish, various spices such as cinnamon, cumin, cardamom, and star anise, along with raisins and fried onions, are used to make this dish, which is named after the ancient city of Bukhara.

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Kibbeh is one of the popular and cold-natured dishes in Saudi Arabia, consisting of fried bulgur wheat shells filled with pine nuts. The main ingredients of Kibbeh are bulgur wheat, ground lamb or calf meat, and dough which is shaped into balls, taking its name from its ball-like shape, as “Kibbeh” in Arabic means a ball.



Hummus, also known as ḥummuṣ, is one of the famous dishes of the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, and is among the best Saudi Arabian foods. Its main ingredients include chickpeas, tahini paste, garlic, and lemon juice, served in the traditional Saudi Arabian way and eaten with traditional Arabic bread.



Shawarma is also one of the popular dishes in Saudi Arabia and other countries around the world, which may be on the list of foods you should try. The main ingredients of this dish are thinly sliced chicken or lamb meat, and the spices used in it enhance its delicious taste. By adding pickles, fried potatoes, and tahini sauce, a delicious sandwich is made that you must try.

5.shredded food(Kabsa)

shredded food
shredded food

Kabsa(sheredded) is another famous dish in Saudi Arabia known as the national dish, its main ingredients are rice and chicken or lamb meat. It has a very delicious and flavorful taste that even the King of Saudi Arabia includes this dish in his list of favorite foods.



Falafel is also among the most popular dishes not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the Middle East. It was first served in the south of the country and has many fans. It is served with chickpeas and special sauce in the form of balls that you can enjoy and savor.

7.Mandy Food

Mandy Food

Assistant: If you are interested in meat dishes, Mandy could be one of your favorite dishes. Its main ingredients are meat or chicken cooked in a special way, and with the use of spices and rice, it creates a complete and delicious meal that is likely to be compatible with your taste and you can enjoy eating it.

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Saudi Arabia is among the countries with a wide range of food variety, and you can definitely harmonize with the foods of this country or enjoy more of them. In most popular Saudi Arabian dishes, meat is the main ingredient, and it is served with spices and sometimes with traditional methods, so you can experience and taste different flavors.

If you’ve had the pleasure of traveling to Saudi Arabia, what would you say is the best food you’ve tasted there?

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