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Chengdu Tourist Attractions

Chengdu Tourist Attractions: Amazing Nature in the Heart of Ancient History

China is one of the countries with a rich history, and the Chengdu Tourist Attractions are unparalleled compared to other cities in China. There are numerous historical sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and historical buildings located in Chengdu, where you can enjoy during your trip to China by visiting these tourist attractions.

Chengdu’s beautiful and lush nature has made its wildlife more famous, with pandas and Chengdu’s wild bears being particularly renowned. In the following, we will become familiar with the wildlife attractions of Chengdu.

Continuing with the Chengdu Tourist Attractions, we will delve into the ancient history and historical sites of Chengdu. When traveling to Chengdu, you can explore historical sites and famous temples in Chengdu, and finally, we will explore other tourist attractions in Chengdu to complete the puzzle of Chengdu’s tourist attractions.

The Best Historical Attractions In Chengdu

China is one of the countries with ancient history, and Chengdu is no exception, boasting numerous historical and tourist attractions. It should definitely be one of your choices for a visit, to the extent that the construction of some of the city’s structures dates back to before the Common Era.

Dozhiangian irrigation system

Dozhiangian irrigation system

One of the most beautiful Chengdu Tourist Attractions is located in the lush and beautiful nature of Chengdu, at the upper reaches of the Minjiang River in the northwest of Chengdu, and was built in 250 BC.

The Dujiangyan irrigation system was built to prevent flooding and also irrigates farms and agricultural lands. The name of this remarkable system is the Fish Mouth Water Diversion Project, which has been protecting Dujiangyan from floods for over 2200 years, leading Chengdu to become one of the most fertile regions in China.

This location, with its pristine nature and the presence of a river alongside ancient history, has made it one of the oldest and most beautiful Chengdu Tourist Attractions.

The house of the poet du fu

The house of the poet du fu

The poet Du Fu’s Thatched Cottage is another historical attraction in Chengdu, where he lived from 759 to 763, and approximately 250 of his poems were composed in this house, which also has a spacious and lush garden.

In addition to the expansive garden, Du Fu’s beautiful house offers an unparalleled view facing the river, with lovely bridges enhancing the charm of the place. This cottage is built in a cabin style and its architecture and interior space depict the lifestyle and spirit of Du Fu. The house includes a study room, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a large hall that embodies the essence of the poets.

Wenshu Church

Wenshu Church

Wenshu Monastery is another historical and famous site in Chengdu, built between 420 and 589. You may wonder why the construction of this place took so long?

It is interesting to note that the area of this monastery is over 12 hectares and includes 5 separate temples, all constructed of wood and stone.

Notable features of this monastery include a hall with 10 iron statues of Buddhist deities, handmade wool and wood artifacts, as well as various works by different artists from different periods that catch the eye.

Chengdu wildlife and Natural attractions

Chengdu is a city with pristine nature and extraordinary landscapes, making it highly recommended to visit its natural attractions and landscapes. Some of its wildlife and natural attractions are introduced.

Panda breeding research center: Panda paradise

Panda breeding research center

If you are interested in wildlife and wildlife attractions, visiting the Panda Research and Breeding Center allows you to not only observe these lazy and beautiful creatures but also become familiar with their living environment.

This research center initially started with 6 pandas and has since expanded its activities to include over 80 different species. The best time to visit this facility is in the mornings.



China is one of the countries, after Iran, that cultivates a large amount of tea, and visiting a large tea plantation can be a unique experience. The Chengdu tea plantation not only offers extraordinary landscapes and nature but also allows you to become familiar with various types of tea and the traditional culture of the Chinese people.

Other Chengdu Tourist Attractions

In addition to the tourist attractions mentioned above, Chengdu also has beautiful and unique attractions that offer stunning views, adding to the beauty that the city of Chengdu provides.

Anshun Bridge

Anshun Bridge

The Anshun Bridge is another tourist attraction in Chengdu that can be seen in photos of the city and offers an extraordinary view of the city.

It is one of the most attractive structures in Chengdu, spanning over the Jin River. Originally built in 1746, the Anshun Bridge was destroyed in 1947 and later reconstructed in 2003. Now you can enjoy walking on this bridge.

Jinli Street

Jinli Street

Jinli Street, located in Chengdu, is 550 meters long and features buildings constructed in the architectural style of the Qing Dynasty.

This street is home to cafes, restaurants, guesthouses, souvenir shops, and can serve as a welcoming destination for tourists.

Visitors can not only enjoy walking along this street but also purchase souvenirs for their loved ones. Jinli Street was designated as a national street in 2005 and attracts an annual 18 million visitors! At night, the street is illuminated with special lights, enhancing its beauty multiple times, making it undoubtedly one of the best tourist attractions in Chengdu.


Chengdu, with its ancient history and pristine landscapes, has at least as much charm as other famous poems of China. The historical attractions of Chengdu are nestled in the heart of its amazing nature, and by exploring the historical and natural attractions of Chengdu alongside its other beautiful structures, you can enjoy your trip to Chengdu by visiting its tourist attractions.

In your opinion which ones are the best Chengdu tourist attractions that we didn`t mention in this article?

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