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famous places in Moscow

Top 12 Best Famous Places In Moscow

Moscow is the largest city in Europe and the capital of Russia. We are here with you to explore and analyze the famous places in Moscow.

Moscow has numerous tourist attractions because it has undergone extensive redevelopment and investment in tourist destinations, starting from the time of the Russian Empire until now. It is the largest country in Europe with a wide range of tourist places.

The tourist attractions in Moscow are a combination of ancient and modern Russian architectural wonders, which have made Moscow one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

In addition to its numerous tourist sites and diverse architecture, another reason that makes Moscow attractive and worth visiting is its mountainous climate and clean city. This attracts tourists from all around the world to travel to Moscow.

One of the most astonishing facts you should know about Moscow is that it is considered one of the greenest capitals in the world. It is even said that nearly half of the city is filled with beautiful trees and fragrant plants.

Moscow, the capital of Russia, has a rich history due to the numerous wars it has witnessed. It is home to various museums with great antiquity. If you are interested in history, Moscow is definitely the best choice for your trip to a Russian city.

When traveling to famous places in Moscow, you should prioritize based on your interests, but in general, Moscow is a historical city with many historical sites and museums hidden within it. Most of its famous places are also related to the history of Russia.

Red Square: The heart of Russia

Red Square is considered the heart of Russia because after the victory of the Russian Revolution over the Tsarist regime, the largest celebration following the overthrow of the Russian monarchy took place in this square. Additionally, all major streets and highways in Russia are connected to this square.

Perhaps you have also wondered why this square is known as Red Square. It is because the architecture of the square is formed by red brick constructions, which became a symbol of the Russian Communist Revolution. All of these reasons combined led to its naming.

Among the famous places in Moscow, perhaps the best-known among history enthusiasts is Red Square, whose fame has reached ears all around the world. Translate to English.

The Kremlin Palace: The most famous and beautiful place in Moscow

The Kremlin Palace

When it comes to famous places in Moscow, the first location that comes to mind for most people is the Kremlin Palace. It is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, known for its stunning architecture and various colors used in its construction. These features have made it one of the most famous and picturesque landmarks in Moscow.

The Kremlin Palace was built in 1147 AD, surrounded by tall wooden fences to protect the city.

The Kremlin Palace is located at the intersection of two rivers, which adds to the beauty of the Kremlin Palace. Although the Kremlin Palace is 600 years old, it has undergone several reconstructions.

Kremlin is a Russian word meaning “fortress” and was built to protect the city. The Kremlin Palace has extraordinary architecture, with its walls painted in red and the palace itself composed of various beautiful colors.

The most affordable and convenient way to access the Kremlin Palace is by using the Moscow Metro, which is only 600 meters away from the palace.

Saint Basil’s Church

The most famous religious landmark in Moscow, located in Red Square, is the Cathedral of Saint Basil. With its stunning architecture, it has become one of the iconic famous places in moscow and attracts millions of tourists annually.

Different parts of St. Basil’s Church

The Saint Basil’s Cathedral consists of various sections that make up the historical and cultural landmarks of this place.

  • The Baptism of the Lord Church: This is the main section of the cathedral, and it houses temples that are located on Red Square and adorned with beautiful paintings.
  • St. Basil’s Church Cemetery: As the name suggests, the cemetery includes some important historical figures.
  • St. Basil’s Historical Museum: This museum allows you to learn more about Russia and Russian history, and includes important documents, historical artifacts, and more.
  • St. Basil’s Mausoleum: A beautiful green-colored belt that is located on the eastern side and is an important prayer place.

Lenin’s tomb: One of the strangest famous places in moscow

Lenin's tomb

If you are interested in history, you are certainly familiar with the name Lenin. Lenin, whose original name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was the leader of the Russian Revolution and the founder of the Soviet Union.

His mausoleum is perhaps one of the most famous and peculiar places in Russia, as the lifeless body of Lenin is preserved in a mummified form inside. The story becomes even more intriguing as we delve deeper.

Annually, 2.5 million tourists visit Lenin’s Mausoleum. It is worth noting that admission to the mausoleum is free for all visitors.

There are indeed peculiar rules set for entering Lenin’s Mausoleum, such as not being allowed to take photographs inside and even being prohibited from bringing mobile phones.

The story gets even stranger as, in addition to the mentioned restrictions, any metallic objects, liquids, and large bags are also prohibited from entering the mausoleum. The mummified body of Lenin, dressed in a black suit with a glass barrier, can be viewed by visitors who adhere to the rules of the mausoleum.

Russian State Museum: connected to Red Square

Russian State Museum

The State Museum of Russia is also one of the famous places in moscow, conveniently located near the Red Square. You can actually kill two birds with one stone by visiting both the Red Square and the State Museum of Russia.

By visiting the State Museum of Russia, you can explore objects ranging from ancient times to the modern world. This museum consists of 39 halls and houses over a million artifacts. If you are interested in historical objects, do not miss the most historic famous places in moscow.

If you want to have a trip from inside Moscow to the State Museum of Russia, the easiest and most affordable way to travel is by metro. The nearest metro station to the museum is Okhotny Ryad station.

Finally, it should be noted that this museum is only 3 kilometers away from Lenin’s Mausoleum!

Arbat Street: the most famous street in Russia

Arbat Street

Arbat Street, a street that attracts tourists and visitors like a magnet, might also be a question for you as to why.

This cobblestone street is made by the hands of German artists and is only a 10-minute walk away from the Kremlin. You can find the most unique souvenirs on this street.

The main reason for attracting tourists to this place is likely the presence of people with different cultures and even different costumes, as well as the opportunity to meet genuine Russians in this area. What is your opinion?

In addition to other famous places in Moscow, the most famous street in Moscow is also known as Arbat Street, where you can see tourists from all over the world.

Gorky Park Moscow: The greenest spot in Moscow

Gorky Park Moscow

A park the size of a city in the heart of Moscow, located alongside the Kremlin, its beauty is indescribable.

During the summer season, people gather their belongings to spread a picnic blanket in the heart of Gorky Park and enjoy the beautiful scenery and fragrant flowers.

This park is located along the Moscow River, and you can travel to this unique park by using the city’s metro system.

Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery

Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery is a vast collection of historical works from different centuries of Russia, which was founded by Bradian Tretyakov. This gallery is one of the famous places in Moscow that is worth visiting.

In this gallery, works such as pure arts created by artists in different history can be seen. Also, artists brought their masterpieces to the people through painting and sculpture in political and artistic form.

You may be wondering why, among all these museums and galleries, visiting the Tretyakov Gallery can be attractive to visit.

In answer to your question, I must say that it is considered one of the largest art museums in Russia! And an important point is that this gallery has classified its works according to chronological order so that you can experience the passage of time with the artworks in this gallery.

Another point that may persuade you to visit the Tretyakov Gallery is the proximity of this gallery to most of the tourist attractions. By visiting this gallery, you can visit several famous places in Moscow at the same time.

Tretyakov Gallery is required to pay a fee to enter the gallery, and depending on the type of gallery, you should spend about two hours to fully visit this collection.

Sparrow Hills Park

Sparrow Hills Park

In 1953, a ski resort and various competitions such as mountain biking were built on Sparrow hills. In the 20th century, the main goal of Sparrow is to protect the nature of Moscow. to visit this beautiful and green park.

Gorki Park, which was explained above to you, and was located by the Moscow River, if you continue along the same river, you will reach the beautiful Sparrow Hills Park, this green park has an extraordinary view.

One of the features of this park is the cable car that you can use the cable car to have a beautiful view of Moscow and pass through the beautiful greenery of Moscow.

Kolmenskoye church

Kolmenskoye church

The 16th century Kolmenskoye Church, the garden in which this church is located is one of the oldest gardens in Moscow.

A white church whose architecture shows that it belongs to the Middle Ages and it should be said that this building was built near Moscow to commemorate the birth of the prince who was to become Tsar Ivan IV.

Kolmenskoye Church is one of the first wooden churches built with a tented roof and a stone and brick foundation.

The reason for the placement of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour among the famous places in Moscow is its story and the history of the city of Moscow, which makes this beautiful cathedral captivating and one of the famous places in Moscow.

Ostankino Tower

Ostankino Tower

Stankino tower with a height of 1105 feet, which is the tallest tower in Europe! And it is the 11th tallest tower in the world.

Ostankino Tower is a television and radio station in Moscow.

Maybe you also have a question, what is considered a privilege for a person who is a tourist and wants to see the famous places of Moscow? In your answer, I must say that under this observatory, three dining rooms and a luxury restaurant have been built to offer you a combination of European food and traditional Russian food.

Visiting the Ostankino Tower can be a unique and interesting experience for you because you will see the tallest tower in Europe.


We have tried to gather the best famous places in Moscow for you in this article so you can choose the best destination for your trip. Because the capital of Russia has many famous places, and it requires a lot of time to explore this amazing city. Famous places in Moscow have continued from ancient times to the present and have been left over from various emperors. Some of these places are also considered sacred to the Russian people, for example, the Red Square in Moscow, where many people have been killed protecting this city, and other attractions that are the talk of the world.

In your opinion, among the famous places in Moscow, which ones are the best? Translate to English.

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