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Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family

Places to Visit in Jeddah with Family: 8 Incredible Place!

Jeddah is one of the beautiful and touristy cities in Saudi Arabia that has been on everyone’s lips in recent years. You should not miss a trip to Jeddah, but Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family also brings a different kind of enjoyment that you must experience.

Jeddah offers a wide range of attractions from all categories, including religious, recreational, historical, and natural sites, which fulfill the expectations of tourists and attract many visitors. From the Jeddah Corniche, which features the tallest fountain in the world and the Floating Mosque, to luxurious amusement parks, museums, and historical sites, Jeddah has something to offer that meets everyone’s expectations.

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Jeddah Cornish: #Top 1 Among the Places to Visit in Jeddah with Family

Jeddah Cornish
Jeddah Cornish

The Jeddah Corniche can confidently be considered one of the best Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family. With an area of 30 kilometers along the Red Sea, this location is among the most famous tourist attractions in Saudi Arabia and Jeddah.

The beauty of the Corniche area includes stunning natural landscapes, luxurious resorts, the tallest fountain in the world, and a floating mosque, which we will discuss further in this article.

King Fahd’s Fountain: The largest fountain in the world

King Fahd's Fountain
King Fahd’s Fountain

King Fahd’s Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world, is located at the beginning of the Corniche. When it reaches its peak, its height reaches 1,024 feet, providing tourists with a unique and breathtaking view. It showcases the architectural advancement of the Arabs, resembling a masterpiece that you can invite your family to visit and witness the tallest fountain in the world!

Al Rahmah Mosque: Jeddah floating mosque!

Al Rahmah Mosque
Al Rahmah Mosque

Yes, you heard correctly. The Floating Mosque in Jeddah, also known as Al Rahmah Mosque or Fatimah Al-Zahra Mosque, is one of the most popular Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family.

By being placed on tall columns next to the Red Sea, this mosque is named the Floating Mosque. The design and construction of this unique mosque combine elements of both traditional and modern architectural styles simultaneously.

Fakieh Aquarium: Blue wonders

Fakieh Aquarium
Fakieh Aquarium

Fakieh Aquarium is among the best and most attractive Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family, providing a memorable experience for you and your loved ones.

This aquarium houses over 7,000 aquatic creatures of various species, showcasing colorful fish, red sea turtles, sharks, and other unique and rare marine life that you can observe at Fakieh Aquarium and learn more about them.

Al Shallal Theme Park: Complete entertainment

Al Shallal Theme Park
Al Shallal Theme Park

Al Shallal Theme Park is one of the most thrilling Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family where you can experience a day full of energy and adrenaline.

Al Shallal offers a variety of rides and attractions for children and adults, set against a beautiful rocky natural backdrop. The scenic views and entertaining activities have attracted many tourists and locals alike. Don’t miss out on visiting Al Shallal with your family.

Of course, the recreational facilities at Al Shallal do not end here, and you can also see the lakes and artificial waterfalls in this park. It’s not over yet, as there is also a large shopping center at Al Shallal, where various restaurants stand out among them.

Al Tayebat International City: Discover the history of Saudi Arabia and Islam

Al Tayebat International City
Al Tayebat International City

Al Tayebat International City Museum, with its beautiful Arabic architecture representing the culture and history of Saudi Arabia, continues its work under private management.

The Al Tayebat International City Museum has four floors, each dedicated to different artifacts. It showcases items from pre-Islamic times, ancient coins and weapons, furniture, utensils, and traditional Arab clothing. Descriptions of each artifact are also written in English.

Al-Balad: luxury!


The historic district of Al-Balad, located in the center of Jeddah, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you are interested in visiting historical sites, don’t forget to visit this place.

The history of the Al-Balad area dates back to the 7th century AD, and it has been a central part of the city throughout history. There are several multi-story historic buildings in this area, and Al-Balad is also considered a shopping center where textiles, jewelry, and spices can be purchased.

Mahmoud Saeed Market: Old but magnificent

Mahmoud Saeed Market
Mahmoud Saeed Market

One of the popular markets in Jeddah is where you can visit with your family and enjoy shopping. In this market, luxurious household items such as furniture, exquisite fabrics, expensive dishes, and other decorative items are prominent, allowing you to purchase souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.


Don’t miss out the Places to Visit in Jeddah With Family that you can experience, from recreational areas like the Corniche and Al-Shallal Park to museums, markets, and historical sites that can provide a unique experience for your family to cherish for years to come.

Which place do you recommend for a family visit in Jeddah?

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