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Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions: The Greatest Top 8

Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions are great samples for an Islamic Modern city. The greatness of Riyadh is for its beautiful sightseeing and meandrous roads. The city itself can really make you shock with its colorful walls and streets. Shopping malls, Restaurants, historical places,… all of them and even more is in your access only in Riyadh. Places to visit in Riyadh at night are so special that we have another article about it and we described all of that magical places. Here are some basic information about Riyadh:

Population: About 6.5 million

Currency: Saudi Riyals

Area; 1000 km2

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is a completely religious city but if you think you won`t enjoy in this city you are totally wrong! The President of Saudi Arabia (Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud) had done many efforts to make this city so joyful for the tourists in every ages who visit Riyadh.

The quality of the materials which used in building this city is in another level. The best engineers from all around the world gathered around and had brainstorm to give best ideas and use them in reality. Stay tuned with HiTopTourism to see what makes Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions this much special.

Why Should We visit Riyadh Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions?

Islamic countries and cities have a lot to say when it comes to historical and joyful places. Nowadays most of Islamic countries are trying to change some of their rules, So don`t worry if you do not wear Hijab, the tourists are welcomed in these countries especially Saudi Arabia. The speed of development caused a great advanced technology in this country that not every Asian country can obtain it. Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions are the most important sights in Saudi Arabia. The unique experience that you will achieve in this trip won`t leave you till the last day.

Riyadh sightseeing is one of the most enjoyable activity for every person in every age, Because of the numerous attractions in Riyadh, you can never get bored in this Asian city. All the times you can find a hobby for yourself and do something you enjoy.

When you Should go Sightseeing in Riyadh?

The weather in Saudi Arabia is hot and dry, So If you are from those kind of people who wants to burn under hot sun, here is where you should visit. The climate of Riyadh is so much better in winter season, because there isn`t any annoying sunshine.

Festivals and Events in Riyadh

This Islamic high technology city still celebrates and mourns old traditions such as:

  • Janadriyah National Festival
  • Unification of the Kingdom Day
  • Milad al-Nabi
  • Eid ul-Fitr
  • Eid al-Adha
Riyadh Food Festival

Riyadh Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions: Get Ready for Surprises!

Riyadh Tourism gets its meaning from the beautiful sights and joyful entertainments. The beauty is not only the buildings, but also the streets of Saudi Arabia with luxurious cars that cost millions of dollars. Now let`s see the places to go in Riyadh.

Al-Masmak fortress Riyadh: Strong Enough for Centuries

Al-Masmak fortress is one of the must-see places in Riyadh, whose construction dates back to the 19th century.
This fortress, which is entirely made of mud and bricks, is of great importance in Saudi Arabia and tells the story of the king who ruled in this country with the ancient objects inside. Inside this castle, there is a mosque and a luxurious divan, full of interior decorations and a royal throne.
A visit to this fort should never be missed while visiting Riyadh.

Al-Faisaliyah Tower Riyadh

Another symbolic place of Riyadh is Al-Faisaliyah Tower, the center of Al-Faisaliyah, which is considered as an engineering masterpiece and a symbol of the modernization of this city.
This center houses a 247-meter tower, which is the fourth tallest tower in Saudi Arabia with the amazing design of a glass ball hanging on its tip.

Deerah Market: Colorful Shopping

For a good shopping experience, Deerah Bazaar is one of the best tourist places you can visit in all of Saudi Arabia.
This old market in Riyadh is one of the traditional attractions of Saudi Arabia that can be visited for a better understanding of the history of this Arab country.
In this market, you can visit colorful shops that are all in one line and next to a narrow path.
In these shops, you can see a variety of carpet collections, silver jewelry, antiques, traditional clothes, and various souvenirs, and if you search in this market, you can also find handicrafts made by local artisans.

Riyadh zoo: Family Friendly Experiences

This great place is one the best choices to visit with family. The children love here more than any other Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions. The Variety of animals are so much that there is at least one from each animal. Among the different parts of Riyadh Zoo, we can mention the picnic area, restaurant, gift shop and children’s playground.

Albaik: Street food symbol

Albeek is not only a fried chicken restaurant, but also a symbol of the food culture of Saudi Arabia. This restaurant, established in Jeddah in 1974, is very popular for its unique recipes and use of special spices. Albek fried chicken is so popular that people bring boxes of it to their friends and relatives abroad and even open their Ramadan Iftar with it.

National Museum of Saudi Arabia

The National Museum of Saudi Arabia was opened in 1999 as part of the Abdulaziz Malik Historical Center in Riyadh. The museum deals with the history of Saudi Arabia and Islam in the form of eight galleries. The galleries of the Saudi National Museum include Man and the World, Arab Empires, the Pre-Islamic Era (Jahilit), the Mission of the Prophet (PBUH), Islam and the Arabian Peninsula, the First and Second Kingdoms of Arabia, Unity, and Hajj and the Two Holy Mosques. Each one of the galleries contain years of history and people of Saudi Arabia consider it one of the most important Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions.

King Abdullah Park: The largest park in Riyadh

King Abdullah Park, with an area of ​​318,000 square meters, is the largest park of its kind in Saudi Arabia. A wide walking path is spread throughout the park and through breathtaking views of lush plants and colorful flowers. Among the parts of the park, several children’s playgrounds, restaurants, sports fields and special shaded areas can be mentioned.

photos by google maps

Entertainment in Riyadh: Will You Bored Here?

  • Salam Park Riyadh
  • King Abdullah Park
  • Al Hokair Land
  • Alwafa’ Park
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  • Fantasy Factory
  • Saffori Land
  • Star City

There are many other parks that you can visit and you will enjoy surely! But by our investigations the best of them were the told ones. The Amusement Parks are the best entertainment choices in Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions.


Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions make every tourist happy enough to come back in anytime they can. The astonishing Riyadh, one of the most developed cities in Asia, Is a tourist spot every day in a year but in some special times such as winter has more to talk. The festivals in Riyadh and traditions are unique and amazing. Like every other country it has its great history, The Heritage of Riyadh is this great locations and developed technology. Make sure to visit here anytime you could!

Did you get satisfied with Riyadh Saudi Arabia tourist attractions? If you have any memories in Riyadh we are glad to hear them from you. Let us know in the comments.

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