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Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night

Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night: Glorious Nighttime Trip

Chiang Mai is one of the captivating cities in Thailand that attracts a large number of tourists annually, and the younger generation also has a keen interest in night exploration in Chiang Mai. You should know what Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night?

Nighttime exploration in Chiang Mai can be an enjoyable experience for you, and you should know that you must visit 24-hour restaurants, nightclubs, night markets that cater to tourists and travelers at night, and the stunning attractions of Chiang Mai that come alive at night to double the peak enjoyment of your trip.

Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night:

  • Going to nightclubs in Chiang Mai
  • 24/7 restaurants in Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai night Bazaar
  • Chiang Mai Game city ar night

Nightclubs in Chiang Mai: Know the best club for a night trip

Nightclubs can be one of the best nighttime entertainments for teenagers and young adults, where they can unleash their energy through dancing and music in clubs and create memorable experiences with their friends at night.

One of the things to do in Chiang Mai at night is to visit nightclubs where you can not only enjoy club cocktails but also experience the live music at clubs to the fullest.

If you are interested in nature and animals, you can enjoy spending a night at the elephant sanctuary chiang mai, where you can not only have a unique experience of staying alongside intelligent elephants but also delight in their company.

Zoe in Yellow Club


The Zoe in Yellow area has 4 bars prepared to welcome tourists and locals with incredibly colorful themes. One of the prominent features and attractions of these bars is live rock music. Located near the market, these bars serve a variety of alcoholic drinks. If we were to highlight the best feature of these clubs compared to other nightclubs, it would be their international-level cocktails and food offerings.

Infinity Club

Infinity Club chiang mai

Another one of the best and grand nightclubs is Infinity Club, which has a mesmerizing design with colorful lasers spread throughout the club’s different sections, enhancing the club’s atmosphere.

Similar to the previous club, electronic music is played at this club, and dancing with extraordinary lighting effects is another feature of this beautiful club where you can have a vibrant night experience in Chiang Mai.

Warm Up

Warm Up club

Warm Up Club, located in the trendy Nimman area of Chiang Mai, features live music every night like the previous clubs. Most members of this club are young people, and the nights here tend to be busier and more crowded than usual. In front of the club, affordable drinks and food are served, and if you need some tranquility in the club, you can utilize the front area of the club.

Chiang Mai night Bazaar :Walking in the middle of the night

One of the Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night is to stroll through the heart of the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar as it has a unique vibe compared to during the day and can be another nighttime activity even with your family.

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the largest markets in Thailand, with over a hundred different stalls set up in this large market located on Chang Khlan Road.

Inside these stalls, products such as handicrafts, handmade goods, clothing, jewelry, and more are displayed for sale, and the most enjoyable part of these stalls is the delicious food available at this market that you can indulge in during the night.

An interesting point about this market is that they also serve exotic foods like scorpions and fried grasshoppers, but among them, there are plenty of delicious foods available, and various types of dishes and desserts like mango sticky rice and banana crepe cake are some of the most popular sweets in this market.

By the way, remember this tip when traveling that the warm-hearted Thai people offer good discounts when you shop at this market as a tourist.

24/7 restaurants in Chiang Mai

24/7 restaurants in Chiang Mai

Among the activities you must do at night in Chiang Mai, eating is definitely one of them. After wandering around, the only place to relieve fatigue is eating, as it does not require cooking. During your nighttime journey, we introduce you to 24-hour and around-the-clock restaurants so that you can dine in these restaurants as you continue your nighttime exploration in Chiang Mai.

Goodview Restaurant

Truly, the name of this restaurant is fitting for its ambiance as it has an extraordinary view situated next to the river, and especially at night under the moonlight, it can convey a special sense of tranquility to you.

This restaurant offers Japanese, Thai, and international cuisine with world-class standards to tourists and locals alike. Live music at this restaurant enhances the enjoyment of this space even more.

Khao Soi Khun Yai Restaurant

Khao Soi Khun Yai is a popular 24-hour restaurant in Chiang Mai that can be one of your destinations for night excursions in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This restaurant serves local Thai cuisine, and one of its most popular and delicious dishes is the Khao Soi noodle soup, ready to serve tourists.

SP Chicken Restaurant

The 24-hour restaurant SP Chicken is another local eatery in Chiang Mai known for its grilled chicken, or “Gai,” served with special sauces and spices. Those who enjoy chicken dishes and the specialties of this restaurant can indulge in dining at this restaurant around the clock.

Chiang Mai game city at night

Chiang Mai game city at night

Whether you’re with your partner, family, or friends, one of the things you must do at night in Chiang Mai is definitely going to the amusement park and spending time at Chiang Mai’s game city.

This is because it will keep you entertained and thrilled enough. In this game city, there are various gaming and entertainment facilities such as arcades, virtual reality games, laser tag, and plenty of other gaming options available in different age ranges for you to enjoy.

You can spend part of your evening in Chiang Mai in the game city. Spending time at the game city not only brings excitement and fun, but also helps you unwind and enjoy time with your family, partner, or friends, which you can certainly dedicate a part of your night trip to Chiang Mai to the game city.


Perhaps you have also wondered what Things To Do In Chiang Mai At Night. It is important to choose nightclubs, night restaurants, and night attractions in Chiang Mai, which have even more beauty at night. For example, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, which is one of the largest night markets in Thailand, and game cities that provide energy release and excitement can be options for things to do at night in Chiang Mai.

What other activities do you think can be done in Chiang Mai at night?

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