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Tourist Guide In Bangkok Thailand

Tourist Guide In Bangkok Thailand: Find out About the Best

Bangkok, the pulsating heart of Thailand, attracts millions of tourists annually. However, to make the most out of your Tourist Guide In Bangkok Thailand, you need to be well-informed. Known as the City of Angels, Bangkok is ready to welcome all nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers from around the world. This beautiful city has a population of about 8 million, and while Thai is the official language, you can get by with English for most of your needs.

Bangkok’s tourist attractions offer everything you can imagine—from amazing museums to attractive streets, boat rides, lush landscapes, and more, which we will explore in detail.

One of the most important considerations for your trip to Bangkok is the timing, as you’ll want to choose the best weather conditions for your visit and be aware of the various climate conditions in Bangkok.

In terms of transportation, Bangkok offers a variety of options. You can use buses, the Skytrain, boats, the metro, taxis, and ride-sharing services. Next, we will discuss all the transportation prices in Bangkok to help you choose the most cost-effective means of travel.

Continuing with the tourist guide In Bangkok Thailand, we will explore the attractions, best restaurants, top hotels, and everything you need for a worry-free trip to Bangkok. If you happen to visit Chiang Mai during your trip to Bangkok, be sure to visit the Elephant Sanctuary Chiang Mai to experience life with gentle elephants and see how lovable and intelligent these creatures are.

To complete the tourist guide In Bangkok Thailand, we will try to review the travel expenses to Thailand so that your trip can be stress-free and you can estimate your travel expenses on average. So stay with us for a bangkok travel guide, Thailand.

Things you need to know in the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand!

Complete travel guide to Bangkok

In the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, there are certain things you must be aware of as they will help you start and end your trip without any hassle or frustration. For example, you should have knowledge about the different modes of transportation and ways of getting around to have the easiest journey and if money is important to you, to have the most cost-effective trip to Bangkok.

If you are traveling to this city on private tours or family tours, you must be informed about the facilities your hotel offers and even have sufficient information about the places you will visit to maximize the excitement of your trip. However, if you are traveling independently, make sure to follow the laws of the country of Thailand to avoid any issues during your trip. But don’t worry, the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand is here to assist you to the utmost.

In the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, you should have information about the best hotels in Bangkok, the best foods in Bangkok, the top attractions in Bangkok, the best time to visit Bangkok, and the travel expenses to Bangkok, all of which we aim to cover to the best of our ability in the tourist guide to traveling to Bangkok, Thailand.

The best time to travel to Bangkok

When should we travel to Bangkok?

In continuation of the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, one of the most important considerations is the best time to visit Bangkok, as you need to be aware of the weather conditions to be in the best places at the best possible time.

In the months of November to February, the weather in Bangkok is moderate and sometimes rainy, and most tourists try to choose these months for their trip to Bangkok because it is close to the Thai New Year celebration, which is from April 13th to April 15th, during which all of Thailand is decorated and its beauty is enhanced.

From March to June, the weather in Bangkok is very hot, and if you are traveling to Bangkok during these months, it is best to wear appropriate clothing to cope with the heat.

From March to June, the weather is almost always rainy, to the extent that in some cases, flooding affects the streets of Bangkok, and tourism in Bangkok is at its lowest.

However, the cheapest time to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, is from July to October, as the heavy rainfall hardly allows you to fully enjoy the beauties of Bangkok. In the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, we reviewed the best times to travel to Thailand so that you can choose the best time to travel according to the conditions.

Guide to transportation in Bangkok, Thailand

Vehicles in Bangkok

In this section of the tourist guide In Bangkok Thailand, we aim to introduce various modes of public transportation so that you can choose based on the route, cost, and convenience which one you are most comfortable with.

Bangkok, as a large city, has several different ways to get around, and you need not worry about this aspect; we will also discuss the price of each mode of transportation to ensure that nothing makes your journey difficult.


As is the case in most countries, the cheapest way to get around Bangkok is by bus. The fare typically ranges from 10 to 12 baht, which is equivalent to about 32 to 38 US cents. However, keep in mind that bus fares vary depending on the route. On average, if you plan to use buses for your transportation, you should consider a daily budget of around 4 US dollars.

Skytrain in Bangkok:

Using the Skytrain is another mode of transportation in Bangkok that can get you to your destination quicker than a bus. The fare for the Skytrain ranges from 16 to 50 baht, which is approximately 50 cents to 1.6 US dollars.

Boat Rides in Bangkok:

Certainly, one of the means of transportation you should try in Bangkok is a boat ride. You can use boats on the river to travel to different parts of the city, and the boat fare in Bangkok is about 30 to 35 baht, equivalent to 32 cents to 1.10 US dollars.

Metro in bangkok:

The metro is another way to travel around Bangkok quickly and without hassle. It is worth noting that the fares for the metro in Bangkok vary depending on the distance, but on average, the cost ranges from 16 to 40 baht, which is equivalent to about 0.50 to 1.25 US dollars.

Car and Motorcycle Taxis in Bangkok:

One of the most convenient ways to get around Bangkok, Thailand, is by taxi, which offers comfort and avoids crowdedness. The fare for taxis is calculated using meters, and for the first kilometer, it is about 35 baht, equivalent to 1.10 US dollars. For every additional 50 meters, one baht is added to the fare.

If you prefer motorcycles, there are also motorcycle taxis in Bangkok that you can use for transportation. The fare for motorcycle taxis ranges from 20 to 100 baht, equivalent to 0.65 to 3.15 US dollars per trip.

Using Ride-Hailing Apps:

Some countries, like the United States, use apps like Uber to request ride-hailing services, and Bangkok is no exception. In Thailand, the Grab app is used to request ride-hailing services, and the fare is determined based on the route within the app.

Tourist guide to the Best Attractions in Bangkok Thailand:

Tourist guide to the best tourist attractions in Bangkok

In the most important section of the tourist guide In Bangkok Thailand, you must familiarize yourself with the tourist attractions of Bangkok and enjoy tourism in Bangkok to the fullest, as traveling without seeing the tourist attractions of Bangkok is futile.

Bangkok, which we all know as a tourist city, has various and attractive attractions such as markets, temples, historical and religious sites, and recreational places. In this section of the Bangkok Travel guide, we will introduce you to these attractions.

Tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, bkk tourist attractions:

  • The Royal Elephant Museum
  • the Floating Market
  • Temple of the Golden Mount
  • Khao San Road
  • Ayutthaya
  • Eat in Chinatown
  • Watch a Puppet Show
  • Boat down the Bangkok canals
  • Vimanmek Mansion
  • the Dusit Zoo
  • the Bangkok Butterfly Garden
  • the National Gallery

Here, we have attempted to gather the best tourist attractions in Bangkok for you, and we will separately examine all of these attractions in detail in a separate article.

Bangkok Travel Guide: Introducing the Best Hotels in Bangkok

Guide to the best hotels in Bangkok

In the continuation of the tourist guide to Bangkok, Thailand, you must identify the best hotels so that, in addition to comfort and tranquility, they are also close to Bangkok’s tourist attractions to avoid inconvenience during your travels.

Tourist trips to the beautiful city of Bangkok have led to the construction of many luxury and five-star hotels in various parts of the city to ensure that tourists do not encounter any difficulties during their travels, in addition to generating income for the country of Thailand.

In Bangkok, the presence of luxurious five-star and beautiful four-star hotels alongside budget-friendly hotels alleviates your concerns so that you can choose the best hotel for your stay based on your travel budget and comfort. Below, we will try to mention the best and most famous hotels in Bangkok for you:

  1. Acura Hotel (five Star)
  2. Khartoum Hotel Riverside Bangkok Hotel (five Stars)
  3. Grand Sukhumvit Hotel Bangkok Hotel (five Stars)
  4. Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok Hotel (five Stars)
  5. B-yourhome Hotel (Four Stars)
  6. Miracle Grand Convention Hotel (Four Stars)
  7. Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel (Four Stars)
  8. Ibis Bangkok Riverside Hotel (Three Stars)
  9. Pinnacle Lumpinee Park Hotel (Three Stars)
  10. Romance Hotel Sukhumvit 97 (Three Stars)

Tourist Guide in Bangkok Thailand: introducing the best Restaurants in Bangkok

Guide to the best restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

In this section of the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, you need to identify the best restaurants in Bangkok so that you can enjoy delicious food during your trip and not feel the sense of unfamiliarity in Bangkok.

Below, we will introduce the best restaurants in Bangkok for you so that you can choose the best restaurant for dining based on your needs and the area.

Bangkok Travel guide: introduction of the best restaurants:

  • Prachak Pet Yang Restaurant
  • Sühring Restaurant
  • Nahm Restaurant
  • Issaya Siamese Club Restaurant
  • Chim by Siam Wisdom Restaurant
  • Paste Restaurant
  • Raan Jay Fai Restaurant
  • Eat Me Restaurant
  • Lan Restaurant
  • Sorn Restaurant

Various types of food are served in the recommended restaurants, and dishes from different countries are also served in the best way in these restaurants, ranging from seafood to traditional dishes and those from other countries, so they can somewhat satisfy you.

Money and common language of Bangkok

Money Exchange bangkok guide

Knowing the Thai language, which Thais speak on a daily basis, and the value of their currency are among the most important parts of the tourist guide In Bangkok Thailand.

As you probably already know, the language of the people in Bangkok, Thailand is Thai, and the kind people of Bangkok unfortunately have limited knowledge of the English language. This may make things a bit challenging for you, but it should not be a reason for tourists to disregard traveling to this city.

Regarding Thai currency, the unit of currency in Thailand is the Baht, and the Baht is used throughout the country of Thailand. When traveling to Bangkok, you must have this type of currency with you.

It is worth mentioning that places such as hotels, large restaurants, and similar establishments accept international credit cards. However, for small shops, it is necessary to have cash on hand.

If you have US dollars with you, there is no need to worry. You can easily exchange dollars to Baht through airport exchange offices and hotels.


Before anything else, you need a tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand for your trip to Thailand because you must have complete information about the best time to travel, the best restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and details about Bangkok so that you do not encounter any difficulties during your trip. In the tourist guide to Bangkok, Thailand, everything you need for your trip has been mentioned, from the best restaurants to tourist attractions and transportation costs for each trip using various means to make your job easier.

If you have any criticisms or suggestions about the tourist guide in Bangkok Thailand, please tell us in the comments.

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