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Bursa Tourist Attractions

Bursa Tourist Attractions: Green But Colorful

Bursa tourist attractions have seen so many ups and downs through history but they are still fascinating and charming heritages from past generations. The greenest city of Turkey, Bursa city, presents a fun and convenience accommodation for the visitors and It makes the position of Turkey more valuable in the eyes of travelers. Stay with us to see what is it that makes Bursa so special!

From touristic cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Antalya,… you should probably compare these cities with Bursa to see which one meet your needs in a vacation. In the past, Sultan Orhan chose the beautiful city of Bursa as the capital, and before choosing Istanbul as the capital, the city of Bursa was considered the jewel of the Ottoman Empire.

Bursa Grand Mosque: Flashback to 7th century

The Grand Mosque of Bursa is called Ulu Cami. This beautiful and old building is located at the center of the city. After entering from the gate you will find yourself in the middle of Ottoman empire. The whole building is decorated with 192 inscriptions from inside. The beauty is not finished here and still continues, The interesting fact about Bursa Grand Mosque is that Sultan Bayezid decided to build 20 mosques for Bursa, but Amir Sultan considered a mosque with 20 domes more suitable and ordered its construction.

Amir Sultan Mosque

In terms of Ottoman architecture, Amir Sultan Mosque is placed in the group of “angled mosques” that were common in the early Ottoman era. The mihrab and minbar of this mosque were built in the Baroque style and remain from the 18th century.

Inkaya Tree: The Pillar of Bursa Tourist Attractions

Inkaya tree is the oldest tree in Bursa and it has century years old. There are entertaining activities around this old man like: restaurants, parks, cafes,… This tree can be described as a symbol of resistance through years because non of the natural disasters couldn`t get rid of it.

Karagoz Museum

This interesting museum collects dolls from every tribe that lived in Turkey such as Russians and Romanians. also in some parts of the museum there is puppet show that shows you the way of living of the tribes. Your children can enjoy this activity s much that they won`t want to leave, so be careful.

Imperial Gate: A Gate to The Haven

This gate takes us back to the Roman empire. It is located in the western part of Bursa. The huge Imperial gate is one of the oldest Bursa tourist attractions, and has many memories from every era.

Bursa Castle: A Strong Old Man

Bursa castle is another old heritage in Bursa. This beautifully made castle once was the last defense of Bursa and now welcomes many tourists every year. It is the castle of beauties in the city of beauties, Bursa. If you are interested in castles, old soldiers, and swords we recommend visiting Bursa castle.

Ataturk Museum: Previous House of Ataturk

The building was donated to Ataturk then and become a museum in 1968. There are many museums in Bursa tourist attractions but this one has a special vibe because once it was used by Ataturk. Of course it had some changes through time but you can still get the vibe, It is because of the items inside which belongs to Ataturk himself.

Winter Season Activities in Bursa

Ulu Dag Mountain and Ski Resort

31 kilometers from the south of Bursa there is a special ski resort covered with snow and love named, Ulu Dag. By traveling to this special ski resort you can enjoy a full day entertainment along side your family and friends. Now you know Bursa tourist attractions are not only limited to historical places and you can find funny activities such as galleries and Ulu Dag ski resort. Keep in mind to take warm clothes and an extra set of clothes for when you get wet. You can get informed from the prices of this beautiful sight by visiting its website.


Bursa tourist attractions were described in this article to help you make a comparison between Bursa and other cities of Turkey. Metropolitans like Istanbul are so great and enjoyable but you can experience almost same things in Bursa with very low price. Bursa tourist attractions have everything you want from a day trip and they can make you really happy. Historical places in this city has no end but of course the funny side of the city has a lot to say.

Share your memories with us if you have been to Bursa. What made your trip so special? Do you want to travel there again?

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