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Things to do in Istanbul at Night

Things to do in Istanbul at Night: Incredible Stars

Istanbul, the shining star of Turkey, captivates the gaze with its skyscrapers and historical buildings, offering you a magenta pedestrian walkway. You should have plans for nighttime activities in Istanbul to make the most of your trip and enjoy it to the fullest.

When the sun gives way to the moon, nightlife in Istanbul begins, and the city takes on a special charm like never before. You should make a list of things to do in Istanbul at night to have a memorable night in this beautiful city.

Ortaköy: Food lover’s paradise


A great activity you can do in Istanbul at night is taking a walk in the Ortakoy area, known as a paradise for food lovers. One of its most famous dishes is Turkish baked potato, especially notable for its delicious flavors. In addition to the food, the beautiful views of Ortakoy have turned it into one of the most picturesque areas.

You can stroll under the lights of the bridge and enjoy the sight of the Ortakoy Mosque illuminated with colorful lights, creating a memorable night in this area.

Istiklal St: The most touristic street in Istanbul

Istiklal St
Istiklal St

Istiklal Avenue is considered one of the most famous streets in Istanbul, where many tourists visit and it is regarded as one of the most iconic places to see in Istanbul.

During the night, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the nostalgic tram on Istiklal Avenue, accompanied by lovely cafes and restaurants, along with street musicians playing beautiful Turkish music that immerses you in the beauty of Istanbul.

Arnavutköy: Immerse yourself in Ottoman history


Visiting the Arnavutkoy area is another activity you must do in Istanbul at night. This area is known for its traditional Ottoman houses and seafood restaurants, along with breathtaking views, making it host to exceptional nights. It is considered one of the must-see places in Istanbul at night, abundant with beauty and a variety of cafes and restaurants where you can not only walk but also have your dinner.

Bosphorus Bridge: The most famous bridge in Istanbul at night

Bosphorus Bridge
Bosphorus Bridge

The most famous landmark in Istanbul, which most of us may be familiar with, is the Bosphorus Bridge, portraying the grandeur and magnificence of Istanbul and shining with doubled beauty at night when its colorful lights enhance its allure.

You can not only admire the Bosphorus Bridge but also engage in photography next to this magnificent bridge and simultaneously enjoy the fireworks that take place on special dates, adding to the spectacle.

Galata Tower: Dinner in the heart of the tower

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is another place you should visit in Istanbul at night. During the night, the beautiful lights shining on this tower can create a stunning background for your photography, and the seafood restaurants around this tower have made it one of the charming attractions of Istanbul.

Therefore, you can dedicate an evening to the Galata Tower and enjoy visiting, taking photos, and even having dinner in this beautiful tower to fully relish the experience.

Pierre Loti Hill: A romantic place to enjoy

Pierre Loti Hill
Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti Hill, named after the famous French novelist, offers a breathtaking view of the Golden Horn and Istanbul, making it one of the top recommendations for tourism. Besides enjoying the green space of this area, it certainly provides an extraordinary evening for you.

Moreover, on this hill, you can treat yourself to a tea and delight in Istanbul’s city lights under the moonlight, experiencing a peaceful night full of tranquility.

Cruise on the Sea of Marmara: a special night

Cruise on the Sea of Marmara
Cruise on the Sea of Marmara

One of the most dramatic activities you can do in Istanbul at night is taking a cruise on the Marmara Sea in the Bosphorus Strait, which is definitely an unforgettable experience. Enjoying delicious meals alongside Turkish music, with the eternal view of the sea and the Istanbul skyline, can make for a memorable night on the cruise ship.

By the way, don’t forget to capture the eternal view with your photography during the cruise 😉

You can reserve cruises and boat trips from here.

Fethi Pasha Grove: Cozy and quiet

Fethi Pasha Grove

Another activity you can do in Istanbul at night is visiting Fethi Pasha Grove, which boasts stunning and captivating views. It holds great importance both socially and culturally, as well as historically, and can be added to the list of things to do in Istanbul at night.

Fethi Pasha Grove offers a tranquil space in the heart of nature with amazing views, allowing you to enjoy dinner or coffee in the cafes and restaurants of this area amidst the lush greenery.

Istanbul Sapphire: eternal life

Istanbul Sapphire
Istanbul Sapphire

The Sapphire Tower is among the towers that we may hear less about on the list of Istanbul attractions, but this tower was considered one of the top 5 tallest towers in Europe for years. It can be included in the things to do in Istanbul at night and serve as a beautiful place for sightseeing and photography.

The Sapphire Tower is not famous solely for its height, but the diverse amenities it offers have attracted many tourists. From its international standard shopping center to its beautiful views and recreational facilities, this tower can definitely be appealing to you.

Maiden’s Tower: The Icon of Istanbul at night

Maiden's Tower
Maiden’s Tower

Watching the sunset from any point in Istanbul is attractive and enjoyable, but in the Salacak area, watching the sunrise from the Maiden’s Tower enhances the sunset viewing experience twofold. It is free and can be considered as one of the activities you can do at night in Istanbul.


The darkness of the night paints a new perspective of Istanbul’s charm, and nightlife in Istanbul certainly has its own special allure. There are plenty of things to do in Istanbul at night, with many places like historical and famous towers, lush hills with stunning views among them. You can engage in activities in Istanbul at night and capture these beautiful landscapes through photography to make this beautiful memory last in your mind for years to come.

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