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Bursa city

Bursa city

The Green City is the nickname of the Bursa city, which is full of beauty and is one of the greenest cities in Turkey. If you like green places, you must include a trip to Bursa in your plans.

Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, which today is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, has everything in terms of tourist attractions, delicious Turkish food, ski slopes and etc.

The beautiful city of Bursa, Turkey, which is located in the southeast of the Sea of Marmara, has a very mild and Mediterranean climate, which experiences heavy snow in winters and hot weather in summers.

One of the signs of being the first Ottoman capital is the Green Mosque and other attractive and numerous places of interest. By visiting this city, in addition to aspects of Islamic culture and historical sights, you can also visit the beach of Bursa city which is a really joyful place.

Heavy rain in Bursa’s winter is also a tourist attraction, because people visit the ski resorts and spend their days at snowy mountains.

Bursa has good conditions in terms of economy and industry, because the automotive, fishing and textile industries make the city of Bursa, the best place for immigration and living. Stay with Hi Top Tourism.

Why is called the Green Gem of Turkey?

About bursa city

Bursa, the fourth largest and the greenest city in Turkey, which is more than 4 thousand years old, this beautiful city was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire!

The city of Bursa, is located in the southeast of the Sea of Marmara, was an important trading center on the Silk Road during the Middle Ages and suffered in many wars.

The city of Bursa is so green that it is known as the green city and it is only 4 hours away from Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, and the remarkable thing is that once Bursa was considered a part of the Roman Empire.

One of the remarkable points about Bursa is that the cost of living, renting a house, etc. in Bursa is much lower than, for example, Istanbul or Ankara and for this reason, immigrants show a great desire to live in this city, because in addition to It is also located by the sea and all these facilities together, it attracts many immigrants.

  • Bursa has a population of about 2,800,000 people.
  • The official language is Turkish.
  • The currency is lire.
  • It is the fourth largest city in Turkey
  • The approximate area of Bursa is 225 thousand hectares

Bursa city weather:

Bursa has a moderate Mediterranean climate, which is extremely cold and heavy snow in winters and very hot in summers.


The temperature is moderate and the weather gradually warms up. Rainfall is common in Bursa in spring


It has sunny and really hot summers.


In autumn, the weather gradually cools down and rains increase.


Bursa experiences cold winters and the snowfall in this season is more than usual.

The best time to travel to Bursa is from May to October.

Do you know the best hotels in Bursa city?

Elmira Hotel

a five-star luxury hotel that has unique facilities such as an equipped gym, laundry, free Wi-Fi, etc.

Among the recreational facilities of Elmira Hotel are sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, billiard, massage and fitness club, Wi-Fi is free in the room and lobby, it has 24-hour service in the room, coffee shop, laundry, restaurant and all unique facilities.

Kitap Oy Hotel

Another good hotel in Bursa that portrays the beauty of Turkish houses is this three-star hotel, and like Elmira Hotel, it has facilities such as safe, laundry, and free internet.

Bursa Sheraton Hotel:

an amazing hotel with a unique view, the beauty of which is visible from its exterior and interior, this is a five-star hotel and has recreational facilities such as:

  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Sauna
  • Body building club
  • Massage

Recreation and general facilities, Safe, coffee shop, hair dryer, 24-hour room service

The restaurant is another example of the facilities of this hotel.

Know the top 4 hotels in Bursa city

A hotel with modern and classic elements that has won the luxury art award, a five-star hotel and entertainment facilities such as billiard and animation team add to the beauty of this hotel.

  • Free shuttle service
  • Parking
  • Elevator
  • 24-hour room service
  • Hairdryer
  • Coffee Shop
  • laundry
  • Safe

As much as possible, we tried to introduce some of the best hotels in Bursa to you and gather as many facilities of these hotels for you as possible.

Famous food of Bursa

Of course, this article cannot mention all the delicious Turkish dishes, but we mentioned one of the most famous dishes in Bursa, called Iskender Kebab, which was invented and cooked for the first time by Iskender Efendi during the Ottoman period. In the future, it was increased more and more by the people of Bursa.

Iskendar’s famous kebab, which consists of lamb meat, melted butter, tomatoes, yogurt, and toasted bread, is also known as grilled bursa.

In addition to Iskender kebab, you can also eat Turkish meatballs and doner during your trip to Bursa.

Travel guide to Bursa and Transportation

For your trip to Bursa, it depends on the season you are traveling there, which you can adjust by observing the weather of Bursa and what kind of clothes are suitable, because this city has extremely cold winter or extremely hot summer; if you travel there in the winter season, be sure to have warm clothes with you, and on the contrary, if you travel in summer, you can wear light clothes.

If you are planning to travel from Istanbul to Bursa and you have a cruise, you can travel to Bursa by ferry.

There are also land routes that depend on your convenience, which way you want to travel. There are also flights from Istanbul to Bursa that you can use to travel to Bursa by plane.

Regarding transportation, the good news for you is that the only way to travel inside Bursa is not only by taxi because there are 2 subway lines that you can explore the city with minimal cost. Using buses is another option for moving around.

Points to consider when traveling to Bursa

  1. Do not carry a lot of cash with you in crowded places.
  2. To thank or reject the request of the people of Bursa, you can thank them or reject their request by putting your right hand on your chest.
  3. If you go to the mosque, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for sightseeing or pray, it’s better to wear a headscarf to respect the customs of the Muslim people of Turkey.
  4. As much as possible, because of the high cost of taxis, try to travel by bus or metro.

Universities of Bursa

Uludag State University

Technical University of Bursa

Orhan Ghazi Private University

Among these universities, if we want to choose the best university according to the facilities and students, the first rank of this license is definitely Uludag State University.

Cost of living in Bursa city

If you want a very good life, consider at least 30 thousand liras per month.

The average cost of living in this city is about 15,000 to 30,000 liz.

Keep in mind the downward living under 15 thousand liras and the poor life at least 8000 liras.

Bursa Festival

The summer season is a colorful season for Bursa, where various festivals such as various music festivals are held in addition to the 50-year-old Mish Saye Kara Goz and Hakiwat International Festivals, as well as the traditional ceremonies of local people with special and local costumes. It is a part of this festival that if you plan to travel in the summer season, you can also enjoy the festivals of Bursa city.


The city of Bursa, the greenest city in Turkey, is one of the best options of traveling to Turkey because you can visit the beaches of Bursa, the places of cultural history, and the Mediterranean climate is also one of the beauties of this city. The city adds, and the cost of living in Bursa is much lower than in Istanbul, and if you are planning to immigrate to Turkey, Bursa can be one of your best options.

Did you have the experience of traveling to Bursa? If the answer is yes, be sure to share your experiences with us, and in your opinion, Istanbul or Bursa is better?

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