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land of legends Antalya

land of legends Antalya

land of legends Antalya a city whose grandeur surpasses its fame.

A city blended with diverse cultures, including Seljuks, Byzantines, Mithridates, Romans, Lycians, and Ottomans.

A city where its beaches are brighter than the sun and its sea is bluer than the sky, combining excitement and thrill with serenity and tranquility.

A city whose tourist reputation is not solely based on its attractions and tourist spots! Part of this is owed to the warm hospitality and kindness of its citizens.

If you’re interested in acquiring more information about this legendary city and its rich history, culture, and hidden treasures, stay tuned with HiTopTourism to continue this article.

Historical minaret: Immortal legacy of Turkey

By visiting this city you can hit two birds with one shot, Thanks to It`s thousand years history there are many beautiful sights that left over from Seljuks, Byzantines, Mithridates, Romans, Lycians, and Ottomans. Although they are so beautiful to us now, In past people of Antalya had seen numerous wars to build this legacy. In addition when you are visiting this city you are traveling in time from different ages of this legendary land.

Antalya beaches

10 activities you can just do in Land of legends Antalya

  1. Exploring Kaleiçi:
    Navigate the cobbled lanes of Antalya’s Old Town, Kaleiçi. Surrounded by ancient Roman walls, this historical heart whispers tales of bygone civilizations through its well-preserved Ottoman houses, rustic local shops, and charming street cafes.
  2. Visiting Hadrian’s Gate:
    Step through Hadrian’s Gate, the grand Roman archway built in honor of Emperor Hadrian’s visit in 130 AD. Flanked by towers, this architectural gem is the portal to Antalya’s storied past and a must-experience intersection of history and urban bustle.
  3. Cable Car Ride to Mount Tahtalı:
    Ascend the majestic peaks of Mount Tahtalı via the Olympos Teleferik. Soar over pine-clad mountains and embrace the panoramic splendor of the Mediterranean landscape stretching out beneath you.
  4. Diving in Kemer:
    Plunge into the clear waters of Kemer, a diver’s paradise. The underwater realm here is an aquatic tapestry alive with vibrant marine life and sunken treasures, including wartime wrecks and natural reefs.
  5. Rafting in Köprülü Canyon:
    Thrill-seekers can navigate the turbulent rapids of Köprülü Canyon. This natural wonder, with its crystal-clear waters and dramatic gorges, offers a white-knuckle rafting experience that balances adventure with the awe-inspiring tranquility of the surrounding national park.
  6. Aspendos Theatre Performances:
    Experience the acoustical marvel of the Aspendos Theatre by attending a live performance in one of the best-preserved Roman theaters in the world. Lose yourself in the grandeur of this ancient arena, particularly during the annual Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival.
  7. Visiting the Antalya Museum:
    Dive into Antalya’s rich cultural layers at the land of legends Antalya Museum. With 13 exhibition halls and an open-air gallery, it showcases a stunning array of artifacts from the Stone Age to Byzantine periods, capturing the essence of the region’s archaeological wonders.
  8. Trekking the Lycian Way:
    For the hiker within, wander parts of the Lycian Way—a marked long-distance trail skirting the coast amid ancient ruins. Receive the dual reward of challenging terrains and spectacular vistas that frame memory and landscape in unison.
  9. Sandland:
    Get amazed by the artistic magnificence at Sandland, an international sand sculpture festival. Behold mythological figures, historical characters, and famous architectural designs meticulously sculpted from just sand and water.
  10. Sailing from Marina to Sunken City of Kekova:
    Embark on a cruise from land of legends Antalya’s marina to the mesmerizing sunken city of Kekova. Float above submerged ruins dating back to the 2nd century and peer into the depths where past civilizations lie preserved in the sea’s embrace.

Antalya, Hotel for angels

The beauties of this legendary land is not coming to end only by these; The reason we call Antalya, hotel for angels is because of numerous convenience facilities and locations. If you want to feel like going on a trip tomorrow to turkey our suggestion to you is this amazing city.

Tucked along the sun-kissed Turkish Riviera, Antalya is a mosaic of stunning natural landscapes, deeply-rooted history, and cultural opulence. A haven for travelers, it seamlessly blends ancient charm with modern luxury. From towering mountain ranges and roaring waterfalls to the tranquil azure sea and grand historical monuments, It is an idyllic paradise for sightseers. Here’s an exposition of the top tourist attractions that are simply unmissable:

  1. Düden Waterfalls:
    Nature’s splendour is personified in the breathtaking Düden Waterfalls. Situated in a lush park, the Upper Düden Waterfalls are a refreshing retreat, while the Lower Düden Waterfalls spectacularly cascade into the Mediterranean Sea from a rocky cliff, offering a captivating display of nature’s power.
  2. Antalya Archaeological Museum:
    This extensive museum is a trove of civilization’s artifacts, with a collection that spans from prehistory to the Ottoman era. Each hall narrates a different chapter of history through its well-curated exhibits, making the Antalya Archaeological Museum a cornerstone for the historically inclined.
  3. Konyaaltı and Lara Beaches:
    The coastal line of Antalya is famed for its pristine beaches. Konyaaltı and Lara beaches are the pearls of this shoreline, offering vast stretches of sand, pebble beaches, and crystal-clear blue waters, complemented by the convenience of modern facilities, making for a perfect sun-soaked day.
  4. Olympos and the Chimaera:
    The Olympos ruins provide a hauntingly beautiful backdrop to the natural phenomenon of the Chimaera, an eternal flame that has flickered from the rock for thousands of years. A hike up the mountain to view this natural wonder at dusk is nothing short of magical.
  5. Aspendos Theatre:
    This exceptionally preserved Roman theatre represents the zenith of ancient architectural ingenuity. Capable of seating 15,000 spectators, the theatre hosts live performances to this day, allowing visitors to experience period acoustics and a touch of the dramatic arts as the ancients did.
  6. Karaalioğlu Park:
    With panoramic views of the Mediterranean and Old Town, Karaalioğlu Park is a peaceful haven. A stroll amongst its palm-lined paths and a pause by the ancient Roman Hıdırlık Tower at sunset offers an unforgettable moment of tranquility.
  7. Yivli Minare:
    Symbolizing Antalya’s skyline, the fluted minaret of the 13th-century Yivli Minare Mosque is a stunning piece of Seljuk architecture. Attached to the mosque is the Antalya Ethnographic Museum, which tells the day-to-day life story of the region’s past inhabitants.
  8. Termessos:
    Perched high above the Gulluk National Park, the ancient Pisidian city of Termessos is a hidden gem. Visitors making the steep climb are rewarded with remarkable views and the opportunity to explore one of Turkey’s most fascinating and least visited archaeological sites.
  9. Aqualand & Dolphinland:
    For a family-friendly excursion, Aqualand provides a splashing good time with its myriad of water slides and pools, while Dolphinland hosts engaging dolphin and sea lion shows, offering fun for all ages.

Antalya climate: Beethoven`s symphony

Because of its Mediterranean climate, its like Beethoven`s symphony not in order; In winter when it should snow suddenly starts to rain, its a little bit crazy but you can be sure that you will enjoy the weather at the whole time of your accommodation in the land of legends Antalya. The Lovely warmth of summer beyond the cool winter is a great combination for every tourist.

Antalya attractins

Antalya cuisine: The taste which touches your soul

Of course when you are visiting a new place you don`t know what to eat and where to eat! There are plenty of delicious meals in the land of legends Antalya, such as other cities in Turkey. Actually Turkey dishes are famous all around the world and they are being served in lots of luxurious hotels like Royal Atlantis Dubai. Most famous Antalya foods are:
1. Tahini Piyaz Salad

2. Arap Kadayıf

3. Meatball Skewers

4. Serpme Patty

5. Tahini Pumpkin Dessert

6. Bağaça 

7. Bergamot Marmalade

8. Kulaklı Soup

9. Gülüklü Soup

10. Lentil Ice Cream

11. Tırmış

12. Hibeş

13. Burnt Ice Cream

14. Phrygian Stuffed Pepper

15. Stuffed Rack of Lamb

16. Leğen Kömbesi

17. Alanya Bohçası

18. Tomato Cive

19. Toros Salad

20. Cretan Kebab with Artichoke

21. Bananas

22. Fish

Antalya nights


In this article you have learnt about land of legends Antalya. Make sure to add this to your trip destinations and visit this magical place in 2024. Because of Antalya`s Mediterranean climate it is a great choice to visit in four season. The Turkish meals makes your journey to the land of legends completely perfect and you will taste the best foods in your life. These are great reasons why to choose this city, but don`t forget the most important part of your trip, The attractions of Antalya.

So what are you waiting for?! make your tour reserved from and enjoy a small part of your life and don`t forget it for the rest of your life.

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